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You can define substitution specific information for each teacher in menu Settings/Teachers:

First column specifies if the teacher can do substitutions at all.

Second specifies if the teacher shall be printed in the reports. For example if the teacher has left in the middle of the school year, you no longer want him to appear in every printout.

Third column shows you the timeoff dialog:
- grey fields represent actual timetable of this teacher
- click to specify that the teacher cannot do substitution at certain period, or that he has the duty and has to be ready to be called.

Note: in some countries they define certain lessons as overtime. The software then reports how many overtime lessons the teacher did.

In version 2010 or before:

For each teacher you can define some specific substitution information:

Clicking on the first you can say if the teacher can do substitutions. If the teacher is an external teacher he will not do any substitutions.

Clicking on the second icon: you can specify if the teacher has to be printed or not.
Some teachers left the school? How can I remove them from substitutions.

The last icon shows this dialog box:

Red cross "x" Teacher cannot substitute at these specified times.
Duty. You can specify some periods when a teacher is on duty. That means if another teacher is absent at that time, this teacher is the first one to go to substitute. He/she has to be ready and prepared for emergency substitutions.
Overtime lessons. In some countries teachers can specify which of the lessons are overtime. The program then creates statistics on how many overtime lessons teacher has taught.

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