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Checking and Fixing example
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1. Tests says there is a problem with 5A. We select Fix:

2. Test shows us what it was able to achieve and also gives us the card it was not able to put into the timetable. In this case it is music lesson:

3. We cannot put the Music lesson on 7th period as we have forbidden 5.A to have 7th lessons.

4. So we decide to put it on Monday 6th lesson and move the Ge lesson to the 1st lesson

5. Once we moved the Ge lesson to 1st lesson, the software displays verification that says it was not a good place because there is not a free classroom for the GE lesson:

6. We can click right mouse button on that lesson to quickly check the available classrooms:

7. We will find that this lesson is required to be in the Home classroom only. The problem is that this is a divided lesson and the only lessons that can run at the same time also have to be in the home classroom.

You obviously have to allow some other classrooms for these divided lessons. If you look at the first picture this was also a reason why the software hasn't put the divided lessons together from the start.

This example showed us how the test can help to find out a problem.

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