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Defining substitution criteria
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The settings dialog is open via menu Settings/Options. Select second tab in this dialog:

Here is the description for each criterion:
Assign - this criterion is used to ensure that the teachers don’t substitute lessons far away from his actual schedule. If e.g. the teacher is teaching 1st lesson and he goes to substitute 5th lesson. Then (5-1) times the specified number of points is deducted from his score because he has big window created by this substitution. On the other hand if the substituted lesson is in a window the teacher receives the amount of points specified.
Teaches the class – if the teacher teaches in that class he receives the specified number of points. Sometimes it is handy to have this teacher do the substitution because he is not a stranger to the class; he knows the students and can even do some work he didn’t have time before.
Class teacher – as with the previous criterion, here the class teacher receives the specified number of points so that he can do administration work with his class.
Approbation – teacher receives the specified amount of points if he has the correct approbation
Exhaustion – if a teacher is going to substitute this lesson he can have more lessons in one row than specified in the timetabling program. If this happens the specified number of points is deducted from his total score.
Joining – if the teacher teaches the complementary lesson and the subject can be joined the teacher receives the specified points
Duty – if the teacher is on duty at the time of lesson he receives these points.
Equable substitution - the teacher receives the amount of points, that equals to the number of substituting lessons in the last month multiplied by weight of the criterion.
Max.lessons/day - a teacher can have a maximum number of lessons per day specified. The teacher receives the difference between this maximum number and the lessons he has on that day multiplied by the specified points. This number can also be negative if the teacher has more lessons than the max on that day

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