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What's new in version 2007
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Dear aSc TimeTables users

First of all we would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

The software was already purchased by schools in 98 countries and we are very glad that we still receive many responses, suggestions, praises and comments from all of you.

Your trust is very important to us and we try our best to continue improving the software and make your timetabling work easier. This new version is part of this trying and we hope you will like the new features.

Printout designs
The new version now allows you to fully customize your printouts. You can add pictures, your school logo or other necessary text:

Details: Print-out designs

Custom fields
Custom fields allow you to define any additional information you might need for your teachers, classes, rooms or even the school. You can for example input and then print teacher's position, consultation hours or similar on the timetables.

Details: Custom fields

Pictures for subjects
Nice feature for smaller children

Details: Printing pictures of subjects

Lesson Grid
The lesson grid allows you to see all your lessons in one view. You can also create or edit lessons here. For some tasks this feature is extremely helpful.

Details: Lesson grid overview

Room supervision
You can now manage the supervisions of some school areas during the breaks between lessons.

Details: What is room supervision and how to input it?

Dual core generators
The software now natively supports Dual core processors. Most of the new computers will have them and aSc Timetables can use them. Details: Multiprocessor generation (dual-core...)

35% faster generator
We have optimized some generator routines and achieved 35% faster generation times with the new version.

Other improvements
- you can define lessons without teachers
- classrooms can be home classroom for more classes
- many other small bug fixes and improvements
- we also plan another update with new Substitutions features in this summer.

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