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Note: these new features were introduced in version 2007.11 on October 11th 2006.
This list is about the substitution software. See also new features in aSc TimeTables:
Προσθήκες - Διορθώσεις στην έκδοση 2007

You can now specify that classrooms are missing. The software will then prompt you to do the substitution for this classroom.
Πως θα δηλώσω ότι μία αίθουσα δεν είναι διαθέσιμη;
It is possible to add more absent teachers/classes/classrooms at once.
Πως μπορώ να προσθέσω περισσότερους απόντες ή μη διαθέσιμα τμήματα/αίθουσες ταυτόχρoνα;

The software now suggests that lessons can be moved earlier if the students and teachers can do so.
Προτεινόμενες κινήσεις
You can now modify any lesson. You can change subject, move it to another period, change classroom or teacher. You can also manually move the lessons.
Αλλαγή/μετακίνηση διδασκαλίας με το χέρι
The right panel now automatically shows the timetable for class
Τι εμφανίζεται στο πάνω δεξί μέρος της οθόνης;

New column that prints classrooms
Εκτύπωση αιθουσών
New report that allows you to print alternative today's substitution layout
Τι είναι η "Εναλλακτική όψη";

Other small improvements
Double click sorts the lines
Tooltips were added to each lesson in the right panel

See also new features in aSc TimeTables:
Προσθήκες - Διορθώσεις στην έκδοση 2007

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