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What is shown in the top right corner?
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Each row represents one teacher and his/her timetable.

1. The color of the teacher's schedule represents:

Pink - teacher has a lesson there.
Yellow - this is the lesson to be substituted.
Blue - means the class is missing and the teacher is free, although he was supposed to teach something.
Green - this lesson can be joined with the second half of the class
Purple - this teacher has lesson without any class. For example some regular preparation time.
Dark gray - teacher is out at these lessons(can be seen when he/she is out only part of the day)

Dark green - if the lesson is teached by two teachers and one is ill, then this color shows the second teacher as ideal to take over the kids as the only one. Of course you can still replace the missing one to have two teachers there

2. The color bar next to teacher's short names:

Green - teacher is teaching in this class
Gold-Yellow - teacher has the correct approbation
Blue - teacher is the class teacher in this class. He can substitute this lesson and do some very useful work, like investigate who broke the window, who damaged the flowers etc :)

3. Timetable of the class.
The upper part shows the timetable of class

You can click on the lessons to change them:
Transfer suggestions

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