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Baden Württemberg - Schulkartei / E-Stat
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aSc Timetables includes interface to TruSoft Schulkartei school management program. This interface makes transfer of timetabling data between these programs very easy. Using combination of these programs, it is also possible to create E-Stat Statistikpaket.

It is even possible to export actual timetable:

Before starting import/export with Schulkartei, following steps must be taken:

1) Both Schulkartei and aSc Timetables application must be installed on the same computer.
2) You must start Schulkartei application and login into it.
3) Make backup copy of Schulkartei data!!! (menu - Weiteres - Sicherheitskopie) This is especially important for export from aSc Timetables to Schulkartei, as there is a chance (even very small) that some data corruption can happen.
3) During import/export all windows in Schulkartei must be closed, it should look like on this screen shot:

With import, you can transfer following data from Schulkartei to aSc Timetables: Teachers, Classes, Students, Subjects and Stundentafeln. Also if you have already created timetable in aSc Timetables, you can link objects in aSc Timetables to their corresponding counterparts in Schulkartei (to match internal ID numbers).

1) In Schulkartei prepare Stundentafeln for classes. You may also fill "Soll-Stunden" field for subjects in Stundentaflen.
2) Close all windows in Schulkartei.
3) In aSc Timetables, open your timetable file (or create new blank one).
4) Start import (menu - File - Import - Schulkartei).
5) If you have started with blank timetable file, just click OK in all following windows.
6) In case your timetable already contained some data, you will need to properly link them to data in Schulkartei. For all objects in aSc Timetables (classes, teachers, subjects, students), select the object in aSc Timetables, select corresponding object in Schulkartei and click on "Link" button below. See also Synchronization with database
7) If you wish to import "Soll-Stunden" from Schulkartei, click OK in "Stundentafeln" step. Otherwise click "Skip" in this step.

With export, you can transfer following data from aSc Timetables to Schulkartei:
"Soll-Stunden" field in Stundentafeln, Unterrichtselemente and Stundenplan. Steps:

1) Before export, run import to link internal ID numbers (see above).
2) IMPORTANT!!! Make backup copy of Schulkartei data!!!
3) Close all windows in Schulkartei!
4) Start Export (menu - File - Export - Schulkartei)
5) Click "Skip" button until you get to "Stundentafeln" step.
6) Click "OK" in "Stundetafeln" step.
7) Click "OK" in "Unterrichtselemente" step.
8) Click "OK" in "Stundenplan" step.
9) IMPORTANT!!! After export has finished, immediately click on "Daten reorganisieren" icon in Schulkartei!

10) Check the results of export, whether all data was exported correctly.

- You may need to fill "Schuler" part of Unterrichtselemente in Schulkartei manually (since aSc Timetables does not contains neccessary information to fill this part of Unterrichtselemente).
- To see correct Stundenplan in Schulkartei, you may need to adjust number of periods per day in Schulkartei. You can do this in menu - Daten - Setup - Einstellungen - Stundenplan - Anzahl der moglichen Stunden an einem Tag.

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