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It is possible to import timetabling data from WinLD files. You need to have following files from WinLD in one directory:

1) In aSc Timetables, create new blank timetable.
2) Go to menu File/Import/WinLD
3) Choose directory where you have stored above files and click OK.
4) Click OK in all following windows.

- Because StdPlan.txt does not contain all the necessary information about students/groups for lessons, you may need to make some adjustment in imported timetable to fix this. You may need to adjust groups/divisions for some lessons. See also:
Добавление и корректирование уроков
Деление классов на группы

You can export StdPlan.txt file from aSc Timetables. Steps:
1) Go to menu File/Export/WinLD, click Export vorbereiten

2) Now, program has created WinLD ID codes in custom fields for classes, teachers, subjects and classrooms. These ID codes were pre-filled with short name of corresponding object. If short names in aSc Timetables do not correspond to Kurzel in WinLD, you may need to make some adjustments. Just change custom field called "WinLD ID" in classes, teachers, subjects and classrooms. See Поля, созданные пользователем

3) In global custom fields (for whole timetable), program has created three fields:
- WinLD Schulnummer
- WinLD Schultyp
- WinLD Wiederholungsfaktor (=number of weeks during school year)
Fill these fields.

4) Now you can make export to WinLD. Go to menu File/Export/WinLD, choose directory and click OK. Program will create StdPlan.txt file.

- to fill WinLD ID numbers, you may also use import function from WinLD. Prepare StdKlas.txt, StdLehr.txt and StdFach.txt, go to menu File/Import/WinLD, choose directory with these files and use "Link" button in following dialogs to link objects in aSc Timetables to corresponding objects from WinLD. See Синхронизация с базой данных . Press "Skip" if you get to Unterrichtselemnte step.

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