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Προσθήκες - Διορθώσεις στην έκδοση 2008
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Dear aSc TimeTables users

thank you for your support and your interest in our software. aSc TimeTables are now used in 114 countries and we are very glad to receive many praises. We are also grateful for your suggestions as they are necessary for further improvements.

So here is the list of this year's additions:

1. User interface.
The new version is now nicer, but more importantly it shall be easier to use. We tried to minimize the number of clicks so that you can input and create your timetable faster:

2. Generator
Over the past year we have generated literally millions of schedules and measured the impact of many algorithm improvements on schedules from different countries. As a result the generator is now 53% faster.

3. Dual core and Quad core generator.
Since dual core PC's are more and more available we have checked and fine tuned the generator so that it fully utilizes your computer.

4. Printouts
It is now possible to print the lesson grid:

See: Πως μπορώ να εκτυπώσω τον Πίνακα Μαθημάτων;

Also you can print legends below the timetables:

These legends can show the list of subjects, teachers or classrooms used in the timetable. They are fully customizable. See: Εκτύπωση τίτλων κάτω από το ωρολόγιο

5. Imports and exports
The software now features simplified XML import/export. This allows you or the company that supplied you with school management system to easily transfer data to aSc TimeTables. Or to transfer the created timetable back to the school management system. See:
Εισαγωγή από XML
Εξαγωγή σε XML

Other notable additions:

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