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Timetable files - making backups, problems opening files, etc...
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aSc Timetables stores its data in .roz files. Working with these files is sthe same as with Microsoft Word .doc files.

You can save your current timetable to new file (with different name) via menu File/Save as.

To transfer this file to other computer, you can copy it to USB disk, burn it on CD, or send it via email.

You can also have as many timetable files on your computer as you wish. You can save multiple versions of your timetable with different filenames.

Problems with file

I can't open the file: If program reports that file was created in newer version of aScTimetables, please download and install latest version from our web site. If program crashes, please send us your timetable file by email to support@asc.sk and we will check what can be the problem. Usually it is a disk problem and your file was damaged.

I can open the file, but there are some data missing in it: In most cases, you have just opened a wrong file. Please find the correct version of file. Or you have forgotten to save file last time you have been working on it. Or it might be possible that you have accidentally overwritten your file with older version. If you can open the file, but some data is missing in it, then these data are either lost, or in some other data file.

I can't find my file: Please check some typical location where the file can be: Desktop, My Documents folder, some drive of your computer, or your USB disk. Or consult some computer experienced person on your school to help you find the file on your PC.

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