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How to create courses for subjects
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In the right part of the students dialog, you will see a list of subjects. If some subject is red, it means there are students signed for it, but you don’t have courses yet. You can press right mouse button on this subject and select create courses:

A new dialog will appear that will show you how many students have signed for this subject so that you can create an appropriate number of sections for this subject:

In this dialog you can specify the number of sections and if you know it already, you can specify a teacher for each section. The software will also tell you the average number for students per section.
If you don’t know the teachers for these sections, you can leave it as TBA.
Notice also the subject field. Here you can specify the number of lessons per week, if you specify for example 4, each section will be 4 times per week. If you have a timetable where this section will be on every day(in the given term), then instead of 5, you have to input E for everyday. If you input 5 this lesson will be 5 times per week, but could be on different period each day. E means 5 times at the same period each day. More on this can be found in the section for defining lesson(course)

You can change the lessons(courses) setup anytime later in the lessons dialog.
You can also specify classes(grades) from which the students can apply for this subject. This is especially important if reuse the same subject in different grades.
Or if you have classes defined as parts of the grade, like 11-1/11-2/11-3 and for subject you might want that only 11-1and 11-2 students may be scheduled into this course. 11-3 students will have different set of courses for this subject.
After this is done the red color for this subject changes to normal white. However there is still some light red in the students picks.

Why again red although light this time? Because although the you have sections, it’s not yet clear which student will go into which section. This is a task for generation.

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