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How to generate timetable with students
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Once you have students and their picks and for each subject you have sections defined, you can try the generation. Just press the red button Generate the timetable:

You have 3 options for the generation:

1.Generate whole timetable this will generate both the positions of course, means on which period in which term each section will be placed. And also it will assign the students into the courses. The advantage is that this is not two phase solution, when adding a students into sections, the software might actually move the sections to different position to satisfy more students choices.

2.Generate whole timetable – without students, this will place just the sections into periods and weeks, and for the time, it will not assign the students. So the result is a master timetable, without students assigned yet. However during the generation it uses whatever info it has. If there are students who picked both courses A and B, it will not place these at the same period and many more. So the more students choices you have in, the better the master timetable will come up.

3.Generate just the students, this generation will only assign students to the sections. It will not move the sections, so this option is more or less a second step of the previous master timetable generation. This option is good when you for example have already distributed a master timetable to teachers and you cannot change it.

Note you can use whatever option in any phase of the generation. Even if you don’t have teachers assigned to some courses, or not all students in, you can generate to see whats going on in your timetable.
We recommend using the 1 and if you can’t use the 1st option. You will get the best master timetable and most students choices when generating both together. It might take longer, but generally the percentage is higher then when you generate first master, then students. Of course, you will may need to use the 3rd option in later stages, when the students choices changed dramatically and you don’t want to change the master timetable.

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