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What’s new in version 2009
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Full support for student based timetables
The timetable can handle all the tasks needed to build the timetables based on students.

The previous version already supported a possibility to input student and their picks. However this new version greatly extends these possibilities. You can also input course priorities, alternate, optional courses etc.

So now the software shall help even Universities, US and Canada High schools and all schools that have whole or part of their timetable build up from students picks, usually in higher grades.

There are now two version is the software. Standard and PRO. The PRO version has extended generator that can schedule individual students between different sections of the same course during the generation.

Right to left in both application and printouts
We have run through the software and made it right to left friendly both on screen and on printouts.

Day A/Day B timetables
Lesson now not only can flow between terms and weeks, it is also possible to specify that a lesson is on the same position each day, a timetable can be the same on Mon.Wed,Fri etc.

Support for Terms
The timetable now supports possibility to define higher level structure of your school year. For example you can create 4 terms. Then for each lesson you will be able to say in which terms it can take place. So you can define a lesson that has to be in Term1 and Term 2, while another lesson has to be in Term1 or Term 2 or Term3.

Improved support for weekly timetables
You can create weekly timetables and the software now allows you to more precisely specify when each lesson shall take place. If you for example say certain lesson shall be on 1st OR 2nd week, the generator can decide this for you during the generation
Note: you can freely combine terms and weeks. So you can have 4 terms timetable and each term can consist of Week A/Week B.

New printout toolbar & functions
The print preview section has changed, shall be now more straightforward to customize your printouts. This allow you to quickly define colors, sizes of timetables and new features like Extra columns and headers that can provide your custom information for each row/column in your timetable

More complex printouts and extended customization
It is now possible to change the layout of your timetable printouts. You can freely decide if periods shall be in rows, days in columns, or terms in columns and periods in rows. If you want a separate paper for each week, or that weeks shall be merged into one paper.

Improved verification
The verification now groups the items in case there are many similar problems. You can also sort by teacher/class.

Constrains summary
A new function shows you all the constraints you have inputted so far and that the generator shall maintain during the generation

New window for inputting students and their picks
The window for inputting student’s picks is now reorganized, several features shall allow you for faster input manage the student’s selections.

Renaming periods
You can now rename your periods to your liking and also you can create special breaks that will be then printed into the timetable printouts:

Other improvenets
Like lessons that can be during lunch. new cardrelationships etc. We have also added smaller improvements into UI wherever we though it will make your work easier.

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