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Extended count of lessons per week
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This lesson will be 2 times per week and it can be on different position on each day:

If you want to define a lesson that is on the same position each day, you can simply write E (stands for Every day) and this lesson will be 5 times per week: on the same period on each day:

- You can combine these two ways, so it is ok to have math lesson that will be defined with E and chemistry lesson defined as 2 in the same timetable. The software will understand this.

- You can also pick any short name of days, for example typing Mo will create a lesson that is only on Monday.

- Moreover, you can define your own "days". For example you can define Day A as Monday AND Wednesday AND Friday. Then you will be able to specify that lesson shall be on DayA and the software will understand that this is a lesson that is on the same period on Monday/Wednesday and Friday.
- You can also combine number with short name here. Typing “2 E” will create 2 periods on each day at the same position etc. However here you probably will want E and duration of the lesson as double, which can be specified in second combobox. This will define double lesson on each day on the same period:

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