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aSc Timetables Online - Features

Main purpose
Timetables online is web-based extension of the timetabling application. It offers several features that will help you with sharing the timetable, online backups, teachers daily plans, publishing substitution information and more.

No installation & maintenance
aSc Timetables online is online application accessible from any internet browser. The application is hosted on aSc Servers, you don't need to install anything or maintain your own server. aSc is currently hosting web-pages and applications for more than 8000 schools.
How can I create my TimeTables online web page?

Everything is password protected. Its up to you what your teachers, students or other visitors of the page can see from the timetables/substitution data.

Online storage - backup
You can save/open/backup your timetables using the online storage. You can use this storage to easily transfer your timetables or backup them:
How can I save my timetable to online storage
How can I open my timetable from online storage

Once your timetable is created, you can send it to your teachers or students:

Send timetable to teacher's or students

You can then use the created timetable to manage the daily substitutions at your school:

Substitutions online


Video tutorial

And finally; it is even possible to do the timetables online from your web browser. This is very convenient if you need to make some changes, you can do them from home, or your headmasters computer. No need to download/install or find documents.

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