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How can I save my timetable to online storage
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In order to save your timetable into online storage, you have to click menu "TimeTables online".
Then login to your edupage. Use name of your edupage as "Username" and admin password, or you can use password to teacher's account, who has rights to publishing timetable.

Select "Save to TimeTables Online"

Alternative you can reach the same function from menu "Main - Save - Save to TimeTable Online":

A dialog appears that shows all the timetable currently saved in TimeTables online storage:

You can select one from the list and click Save - this will overwrite the selected online file with currently opened timetable.

If you want to save the file under different name, simply type the new name into the editbox bellow the list and click Save. The timetable will be saved under new name.

Once the timetable is sucesfully saved a final dialog apears:

You can click the button "Show...", a web browser will appear that will show all your timetables in the Online storage.

You can send these to teachers, publish online or just leave them there as a backup of your work.

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