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How can teacher view his/her substitutions
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Teacher has 3 options how to view his/her substitutions:

1. Teacher can receive emails, after publishing the substitution the headmaster/deputy just needs to click send emails and each involved teacher will receive the information via email.

2. Teacher can open the school webpage, then select substitution/teachers. He doesn't need to login to see this:

3. Teacher can login into his account, then he will see his personal substitution merged into his daily timetable:

He/she needs to click Dashboard/Daily plan.

- school administrator has to publish some timetable online so that the system knows what is a valid timetable for this date. Otherwise it will not be able to show you the changes correctly.
- publishing the timetable will also create login/password for each teacher mentioned in the timetable
- the login information is available in every email you receive from timetables online, if you forgot it, simply go to your school webpage and click Forgot password

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