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How can I send email/SMS substitution notifications
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First you need to publish the substitution:

After the substitution was uploaded to your TimeTables Online web page the software will show a dialog where you can select wheather you want to send SMS or emails:

After you select SMS/Emails the wizard will appear where you can:

1. Select which teachers shall receive the message:

2. In the second step you can add/modify the emails/phone numbers for the selected recepients:

3. In the last step press Confirm to send messages. Do not close the browser, wait till they are all send.

Important note:
It is strongly advised that you have a publised timetable before you upload/send the substitution. This way the application can show each teacher his original timetable with incorporated changes.
How can I publish the final timetable for students/parents

If you do not have the timetable published, you can still send emails and publish substitutions for online viewing. However your teachers cannot log in and see the most acctual state.

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