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=What can teacher do in TimeTables online?
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Timetables online offers several interesting features each logged teacher can do in the system.

The start point for all these features is teacher's dashboard:

Dashboard includes these function, each teacher might or might not use:

Daily plan
This module shows you the daily timetable based on the publised timetable valid for given date. If the school is publishing also substitutions it is combined into teacher's daily plan, so that you have up to date timeable in one place. You can input lesson plan, work done, absent students and homeworks. This information can be emailed to parents and students or just printed.
=How can I input daily plan/absent students/homeworks and notes?

View timetables
Here you can iew all published timetables and all the timetables that the administrator has sent to you review
How can teacher/student/parent view the timetable

View substitution
Here you can find the daily substitution data relevant to you.
How can teacher view his/her substitutions

You can use this button to send group emails to other teacher, students and parents.
How can I send email/SMS substitution notifications

My profile
Edit infomation about yourself, such as emails, password etc.

If you have any question about timetables online, feel free to ask us.

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