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=How can I input daily plan/absent students/homeworks and notes?
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You can input all of these information together in one place called daily plan:

This feature shows you your daily timetable (merged with substitution data, if availalbe). For each lesson you may input any of the following:

your personal note for the lesson

Work done
this field can contain the topic you have covered on this lesson.

This field can contain the names of missing students.

Homeworks you have assigned on this lesson. The parents will appreciate this info.

Message to substituting teacher
This field appears, if your lesson is substituted by another teacher. This teacher will see your message.
An example is on the next picture: The first note is on the lesson I was missing, so I write down a message to the substituting teacher.
The second note is on the lesson, where I am substituting for another teacher, so that teacher wrote me some message.

After you enter any note, press the "return" or "enter" key or push the button "Save" to save the information. The four fields listed above, could be reduced by pressing the "Settings" button.

You can print this daily plan and all of the above can be send to students&parents that have provided you with emails.

Absent students

To open this dialog, click on the absent field, listed above.
The presence state of each student is displayed with a color sign near each name. You can change the state simply click on the sign as many times, as the right sign appears.

The states are shown with these colors & signs:
-gray - not set - this is the initial state.
-green - the student was present
-red - the student was missing + reason of absence
-white/blue - the student was late

There is an option to set each student a reason of absence. To set this, click on the name of the student and a new dialog appears. In this dialog you could also set the state of presence listed above.
History of these states you can view by pushing the button "Record's history".

After all the dialogs are closed, names of missing and late students appears in the field "absent".

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