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Apply conditions to whole grades
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In some rare cases this might save you some time:


Lets say you want to have all Music lessons from each grade on the same day.
In other words Music lessons from 1A,1B,1C shall be on one day, music lessons from 2A,2B,2C shall be on just one day and so on.

This can be done by adding several card relationships like this one: max days = 1, select classes 1A,1B,1C and choose 'apply globally':

Apply globally is used bacause you want the software to include all lessons from the selected classes 1A,1B,1C.

Then you would need to add card relationship to 2A,2B,2C and so on for each grade.

However if you select Apply to grades of selected classes, then you just need to input one card relationship and the software will internally break the selected cards into groups for each grade and apply the constraint to each group(grade):

The advantage of the second aproach is that you have to input one card relationship instead of 10(one for each grade). If you have special requrements that need 2-3 card relationships for each grade, this can be even more helpfull. Not to mention the possible errors in inputting 30 card relationships.

- if you select only some classes the software first builds a group of cards and only then divides it by grades. So if you omit one class, its cards will simply not be affected by this card relationship.
- you can input grade in class dialog:

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