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Modifying the default card distribution per week for one subject
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Using card relationships you can tell the software exactly into how many days and how many times per day it can place each subject.

Distribution of subject over the week

Although the above gives you full control on how to distrubute the lessons within week, sometimes it might be just enough to modify the defaults for each subject

In subject constraints you can find slider. The more the slider is to the right the more evenly the subject is distributed within week:

The very right position not only tries to place the cards into each day, it also check if they are not on the consecutive days(in case you have 3 lessons per week, they cannot be on the first 3 days)

On the other side: the more this slider is to the left the less even the subject is distributed withing week. For examle the left most position don't care about the distribution at all. So in case you have 5 lessons per week, they might end up all on Monday.

- if you know from the start you will want double/triple lessons, input them:
I want to have Single AND Double lessons of one subject! E.g 1+1+1+2
- in case you don not need the subject to be evenly distributed, move the slider to the left, it will make the generations easier

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