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We have different recess times in parts of school. How to input it? (Solution 2)
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Using menu "Main - School - Bell Times/Rename periods" you can create more bells and specify that they are valid for some classes.

Use these steps:
1. Change time of periods for first group of classes. This will be "Bell 1" and time of each period you can simply modify after you click on „Edit“ and set timing as required.
You can set times as will be for primary kids, or for first couple of grades, or simply for most of classes. Do not care about other classes in this step.

2. Only after you set properly Bell 1, select "We have different bell times in different classes" and from combobox, which will appear, select "Bell 2". By clicking on "Valid for" you can choose second groups of classes with planned different timinigs.

3. With this selection - "Bell 2", simply change times for requried different periods again. Select this period, click on “Edit” and change it. You can see its setting in Bell 1, so you need to change only different times.

Note: Usual mistake is to change "Print in bells" to Bell 2. Do not change it, if it is necessary and leave it "All classes". Otherwise, this period will be printed only in classes, which are in Bell 2.

4. If you need more sets of bells (Bell 3, Bell 4, ...) repeat steps 2 and 3 for another classes.

Note: These times will not affect timetabling. If you have overlapping periods, you will need to add constraints for teachers.

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