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The module is used to review your notes for hours, an overview of substituting lessons as well as an overview of absent hours and more other informations. It is also used with other modules to print informations.

You can access module after logging in from the ribbon buttons of daily plan - click Reports.
Administrator cas access it from the "Control Panel". A new window opens, in which the various settings are in the top toolbar.

Reports - you can choose among the daily plan - Yours, Your class, substitutions, absence, etc. This is the main setting from which depend the other settings.
Validity - select the period for which you want to see details. Exact dates appear under the button. If you want other than one of default options, select the "Selected Day" option or the last option Dates and in the toolbar additional buttons will appear, which you can set the desired date range.

Class, Subject and Teacher fields are used to filter the informations. To see list without this restriction, select the first option (blank).

After you have cofigured your report, press the Refresh button. If you change any settings leter, press this button again.

Columns, Filter - a new window appears, where are the columns settings. To set if a column will show, check the checkbox near it and another button appears, where you can set whole names or short names to view. Some columns have a Filter button, with which you can filter the data.
On the bottom of the window there is a "Deafult" button. It set the default settings to all columns. Some columns are hidden, by default.

To print the generated list, use Print button.
It is possible also use only Print Prewiev, or change page direction to Landscape.

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