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aSc Timetables Online include also mobile phone optimized version, which you can use to access common functions of Timetables Online. To open mobile version of Timetables Online, click on "Mobile version" in left menu and follow the instructions:

General instructions

Control the application by touching desired function the menu. Use "Back" button in upper left corner to return to previous screen. Use left and right arrow in upper right corner to move between dates or to view next/previous timetable.

Offline support
It is possible to use Mobile Timetables even when your phone is not connected to the internet. For this purpose Mobile Timetables store some of its data in special database inside your phone's web browser and retrieve the data from there if internet connection is not available. This means that sometimes the data you see may be older and possibly out of date. This is indicated at the top of the page. When connection is available, you can update the data using reload button:

Note: Offline support is available only for viewing data. It is not possible to input Class register entries, attendance, etc. when offline.

Additional features after you login

These additional functions will be enabled after you login to mobile version of Timetables Online.

- Daily plan - Here you can see your lessons for today. Changes from substitution are included.
- Timetable - You will see direct link to your timetable at the top of timetable menu. Also if you are class teacher of some class, you will get direct link to your classe's timetable.

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