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First steps
What's new
112 Working with timetable
User interface
113 Testing the timetable
Timetable Generation
114 Printing
Customizing printouts
Printout designs
121 Data input
Data input - Subjects
Data input - Classes
Data input - Teachers
Data input - Lessons
Data input - Classrooms
Data input - Groups & Joins
Data input - Bells/Breaks
Data input - Days/Weeks
Data input - Lesson grid
122 Constraints - Teachers
Constraints - Subjects
Constraints - Classes
Constraints - Classrooms
Constraints - Terms/Weeks
Constraints - Other
123 Buildings
Room supervision (break time supervision)

aSc Substitutions

211 General
First steps
Data entry
User interface
What's new
221 Specifying the substitutions
Specifying timetable
Other tasks

Region specific

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Czech republic
United States

aSc TimeTables Online

411 Main topics
Electronic class register

aSc TimeTables


     Download & Installation
     System requirements
     Am I using the latest version of the software?
     How to register the sofware?
     PDF documentation
     How to set Regional and Language options

  First steps

     Starting the software
     Checking the tutorial
     Creating a new or opening existing timetable
     Basic data
     Checking and generation

  Data input

     How can I sort teachers/classes/subjects/classrooms?
     Can I reuse last year data?
     Custom fields

  Data input - Subjects

     Homework preparation
     Double lessons cannot span over "long breaks"
     Subject classrooms

  Data input - Classes

     Class time off
     Class lessons
     How to specify when a class can have a lunch?
     What are classes(grade levels)?

  Data input - Teachers

     How to set teacher's timeoff
     How can I specify CLASS main teacher?
     Inputting Teacher's details
     Configure name format (First name / Last name)

  Data input - Lessons

     Adding and Editing a lesson
     How can I define Double/Triple etc lessons?
     Double lessons appear to be doubled in the timetable, what is wrong?
     I want to have Single AND Double lessons of one subject! E.g 1+1+1+2
     I want to have 1+1+1+2 OR 1+2+2 lessons per week.
     How can I define lesson without class? Eg. Teacher's meeting or preparation time
     How can I define lesson without any teacher?
     How can I copy lessons
     Adding more lessons at once

  Data input - Classrooms

     Assign lessons to classrooms
     What is shared classroom? What is home classroom?
     How can I specify default (usual) classrooms for certain subject?
     How can I specify teachers’ home classrooms?
     How can I assign classrooms to more lessons at once
     How to specify that we cannot use classroom at certain times?
     Lesson requires more classrooms
     Classroom capacities
     Two classes in the same room at the same time (Solution 1)
     Two classes in the same room at the same time (Solution 2)
     My lessons are not placed in classrooms/Adding classrooms into created timetable

  Data input - Groups & Joins

     Typical situation: Two teachers are teaching two subjects in one class at the same time
     Typical situation: Physical education joined boys and girls from two classes:
     Typical situation: Students from the whole grade are divided into groups
     Typical situation: Religions
     How to specify lessons where students are joined from two classes?
     How to combine lessons of two divisions of class on one position?
     Full and divided lessons from one subject
     Typical situation: Physical education, 3 groups in 2 classes
     How can I copy division/groups to different class
     How to input Options - each student needs to select one course from Options1 and one from Options2
     How can I choose which student is in which group?

  Data input - Bells/Breaks

     Can I set the number of lessons per day?
     Can I remove 0. lesson? We are starting with 1. lesson.
     How can I rename periods and specify start and end times for each period? (Bell times)
     We have 5 lessons each day but on Friday we have only 4
     How can I print breaks between lessons?
     We have different bells on some days.
     We have different recess times in parts of school. How to input it? (Solution1)
     We have different recess times in parts of school. How to input it? (Solution 2)
     0.5 lessons
     Lesson's length counting in teacher's contract (available in version 2009)
     Periods of varying lengths + subjects in minuters per week (Canada)
     Modifying the time format
     Do not print some breaks or periods in some classes(or teachers or in summary timetables)
     What is 0th period (zero period)?

  Data input - Days/Weeks

     We are teaching also on Saturday. (We have 6day cycle)
     Two week timetable
     How can I define weeks?
     How to create a timetable for more than 5 days?
     We have 10 days schedule. We need to assign one classroom as a home classroom for two classes.
     Can I rename the days?
     Multi term timetables
     How can I rename days? (available in version 2009)
     Extended count of lessons per week
     Our school has lessons with 4 week and lessons with 2 week cycle
     How to change the week for more lessons at once?

  Data input - Lesson grid

     Lesson grid overview
     Adding a lesson in lesson grid
     Count per week - format
     What does the colors in lesson grid mean?
     Editing a lesson
     Editing lesson - Options
     Working with divided lessons
     Working with joined lessons
     Multiple selection

  Working with timetable

     Working with timetable - general information
     Control panel
     Moving the cards manually
     Removing a card from the timetable
     Right mouse button
     Locked cards
     Working with classrooms
     Custom views
     Right mouse click on row headers
     Undoing and restoring operations
     Classroom view
     Filter function (available in version 2009)
     Working with days in the main view (available in version 2009)
     We have the same timetable each day in given term or week (available in version 2009)
     Quick modification of the onscreen view (available in version 2009)
     How can I filter cards displayed in the list on uplaced cards
     What happens when I change school type?
     What does the stripes on the cards mean?

  User interface

     Is it possible to change the schedule after the generation?
     Related timetables
     Comparing timetables
     Changing the look of the timetable on the screen
     Timetable files - making backups, problems opening files, etc...

  Constraints - Teachers

     We have teacher who teaches only 2 days per week and it doesn't matter which
     Teachers' windows in timetable
     Teacher XY is teaching 2 lessons per week in class 5A but both are in the afternoon.
     We need one free Math teacher for every period
     How could distribute first/last lesson for all teachers in equality?
     Our class teachers always have to teach the 1st lesson
     Our teachers cannot teach more than 6 lessons consecutively
     How to specify a teacher can teach only one 7th lesson
     How to specify min and max lesson teacher shall have on one day?
     We have 10 day timetable(two weeks), I want to spread teacher's lessons equally into those 2 weeks
     How to ensure lunch break for teachers
     Each teacher shall have one or two free afternoon
     Two teachers cannot teach at the same time
     Teacher cannot teach 4th in Grade 5 and 5th lessons in Grade 6
     Teacher must have some lessons in the morning
     We need two free teachers on each period to make sure we have enough teachers for substitutions
     Teacher cannot teach both in the morning and in the afternoon
     Our teachers have substitution duty lessons, we need min 2 at each period
     Teacher cannot teach in two different classes in one day
     Teacher can teach max 2 periods per day in one class
     Two teachers are teaching together, but only 3 times per week out of 5 lessons
     Teacher cannot teacher more than 3 consecutive periods in one class
     Teacher cannot have gap of length 2
     How to ensure that teacher starts teaching with 1st or 2nd period (he cannot start later than 2nd)
     Teacher cannot teach both 6th and 7th period. He can teach only one of these two.

  Constraints - Subjects

     Max one history lesson on 6th position in each class (solution 1)
     Max one history lesson on 6th position in each class (solution 2)
     Two subjects cannot follow/Cannot be on the same day.
     Distribution of subject over the week
     I do not want my geography to be on Friday and then on Monday
     I want subject in one class to be on the same positions as subject in another class
     What if 2 specific subjects must be taught simultaneously?
     I need subject Math to be on the same position in classes 5.A and 5.B
     Two subjects must follow each other
     Spreading lessons on different periods each day
     I want to have Math lessons in a class on the same period every day
     I need subject Geography to be last lesson on a day in classes 5.A, 5.B, 5.C...
     Modifying the default card distribution per week for one subject
     I want just one PE/Art/Drama lesson per day
     I have Geography two times per week. It shall not be on consecutive days.
     How can I define lessons that can be outside teaching block(in the afternoon)?
     There can be two maths on one day, but not consecutivelly
     There can be two math lessons on one day, but they need to be placed consecutivelly
     Biology cannot be on the day after Chemistry
     Double lessons must be before single lessons
     Biology has to be in the afternoon in certain classes and in the morning in other classes
     5A has to have Biology right before or after biology in 5B (the two classes have to have biology lesson on consecutive periods)

  Constraints - Classes

     How to specify that class can have max one 7th lesson or max one 0lesson?
     Education block - allow some classes to come later or to leave school later.
     Can I set the min/maximum number of lessons per day for one class?
     Checking of gaps/windows in class
     Avoid single lesson after lunch break.
     Both groups have to finish the education at the same time!
     What does the warning 'The entered timetable is probably not complete' mean?
     Apply conditions to whole grades
     Class can have max 2 gaps per day
     Children can come to the school on second period, but only once per week
     Our school works in two shifts, some classes come in the morning, some in the afternoon

  Constraints - Classrooms

     Optimizing the room usage for students
     At least one lesson per week has to be in certain classroom
     We have 3 lessons per week and they shall be in the same classroom
     Lesson can be only once per week in certain classroom
     Reducing the room usage
     GymRoom can only be used 4 days per week(GymRoom has to be free on 3 afternoons)
     Concentrate groups of lessons into fewer classrooms

  Constraints - Terms/Weeks

     Student has to finish Biology before he can attend Biology practice
     Subject has to be in consecutive weeks/terms
     Two subjects have to be at the same time in both weeks/terms

  Constraints - Other

     Is it possible to prevent two specific lessons from being taught simultaneously?
     Specify how many lessons shall be before certain position
     Groups have to start at the same time
     The children cannot finish after 8th period, there is no bus after period 8 on our school...
     I have double and single lessons but doubles cannot be on Monday
     Maximum one planning time lesson per day
     Biology in 4A has to be only on Wednesday(or Biology cannot be on Wednesday)
     What does "Apply to" mean in the cardrelationships?
     What does the time map in advanced cardrelationships mean?
     How can I define that teacher can have max 3 consecutive periods(but he can have 2 doubles)
     Double lesson cannot be over certain breaks
     Double lesson cannot be on Monday/in the afternoon
     Checking room capacity


     How to input buildings
     Transfers between buildings
     Show the timetable colored by buildings
     Max different buildings per day


     What are seminar/course lessons for?
     How to input seminar lessons
     How to assign students to concrete seminars
     Working with Seminar lessons in your timetable.
     Function "Rearranging students in seminar groups
     I cannot see seminar lessons in class's timetable
     Max students for certain seminar lesson
     How can I add students
     How can I input students picks
     How to create courses for subjects
     How to generate timetable with students
     The student’s timetable view
     Pending students view
     Student can have max 3 gaps per day
     How can I assign students to groups manually
     Printing individual student's timetables
     How can I display capacities and students counts on the cards?
     Student choices - Importance
     Student's can select/request courses at our school

  Testing the timetable

     Test says there is some problem. What next?
     Why to test the timetable?
     Checking and Fixing example
     Testing multiple classes/teachers at once
     Generate draft timetable
     How can I test just some lessons, for example all double lessons or all PE lessons
     Testing card relationships
     Analyze the timetable by generation
     Analyze the timetable by Extended tests

  Timetable Generation

     Starting the generation
     What does the complexity of generation mean?
     Constraints relaxation
     A good way to generate your timetable
     What does the dialog displayed while the generation is in progress mean?
     Generation has finished and the program tells me it had to relax some constraints.
     Can I force the generator to place certain lesson on certain position?
     Multiprocessor generation (dual-core...)
     Testing was sucessfull, but the generation fails
     What happens when I cancel the generation?


     Verification of timetable
     Class XY contains a window
     Divided cards are placed on too many positions in class XY
     Verify just one class/teachers/subject
     Advisor - Overbooked class/teacher/room
     Advisor - No lessons for certain period
     Advisor - Different number of lessons for groups
     Advisor - Lessons of different length
     Advisor - More lessons than days
     Advisor - Teachers have many blocked days
     Advisor - special classrooms are not defined
     Blocked part of the day


     How to print in color and define colors in printouts
     We need Day 1, Day 2... rather then Monday - Friday
     How can I print days in columns and periods in rows?
     How can I print Lecturer or Professor instead of Teacher?
     How can I change color of CLASS?
     Print teachers' contracts
     How to remove all custom texts? Some texts in the printouts are wrong, what can I do?
     How can I print timetable for individual students
     Timetable of subjects
     How to print lessongrid?
     How can I select what printout will be printed?
     I want to have periods running from top to bottom, not from left to right
     I want to change the header above printed timetable
     How to print wallposters, for example 3x2 papers

  Customizing printouts

     Customizing printouts
     I want to print also teachers' names in timetable printout/ need bigger font size
     I want to print also classroom/teacher/subject for each lesson
     Printing pictures of subjects
     Can I load a custom printout settings from another timetable?
     How can I set the width of the lines?
     How to print DPA, Entry, Lunch, Recess?
     I want to print summary timetable of teachers with teachers' colors
     I want to have periods running from top to bottom, not from left to right (available in version 2009)
     How can I define Extra columns? (available in version 2009)
     Printing multiple timetables at one page (available in version 2009)
     How can I define the widths of lines (available in version 2009)
     How to print only certain classes or teachers? (available in version 2009)
     Modify the heights of rows or widths of columns (available in version 2009)
     Modifying the structure of the printouts (available in version 2009)
     How to print report for Monday AND Tuesday only? (available in version 2009)
     How to print reports for DayA/DayB? (available in version 2009)
     How can I print summary timetables for teachers/classes/clasrroms?
     How to print room supervision in teacher's and classroom's timetable?
     Is it possible to print consecutive single lessons as one lesson?
     Printing different bell times for school sections/days
     Printing weekly timetables
     How can I print bell times?
     Print the color only in the left part of the cell
     Print date or remark bellow timetable
     Print different bell times for teachers

  Printout designs

     Print-out designs
     How to apply a print design
     Print legends below timetables
     How to add class name, classteacher, homeclassroom to my print design
     I want to print different texts for each teacher. Do I have to create design for each teacher?
     Design object properties
     How can I modify the print-out design?
     How can I change/remove the design?
     I get error message: design file is missing on this computer

  Room supervision (break time supervision)

     What is room supervision and how to input it?
     Choosing teachers for room supervision.
     Generate room supervision
     Is it possible to have two teachers supervising one room?
     Can I define max/min supervisions for some teachers?
     How can I export/print the room supervision?


     Export to HTML for publishing the timetables on the internet
     Opening HTML Flash export from local computer
     Can I export the lessons, teachers, subjects to MS Excel?
     Export to XML
     Export limited to max 10 cards/lessons


     Importing from Clipboard (MS Excel)
     Synchronization with database
     Import from XML
     ID numbers in import/export
     Import sections from clipboard(Excel)
     Import students' course(seminar) selections from clipboard(Excel) - Method 1
     Import students' course(seminar) selections from clipboard(Excel) - Method 2
     How to merge two timetable files into one

  What's new

     What's new in version 2007
     What's new in version 2008
     What’s new in version 2009
     What's new in version 2010
     What's new in version 2012
     What's new in version 2013
     What's new in version 2014
     What's new in version 2015
     What’s new in version 2016


     Swap two days in timetable
     Delete all unplaced cards
     I need to move all lessons withing the day
     Local backup
     How can I swap all the lessons from one period to another
     Temporary subjects - quickly add extra activities for teachers into their schedule

aSc Substitutions


     What is aSc Substitution software good for?
     Substitution PDF manual

  First steps

     Substitutions - Quick overview
     How to specify a timetable so that the substitution software knows which one we are using at our school?
     Inputting absent teachers
     Specifying substitutions
     Printing the daily and summary substitutions

  Data entry

     Defining reasons of absence
     Defining types of substitutions
     How to specify that Class/Group is missing the whole day
     How to input absent classroom
     Adding more missings at once
     Teacher details
     Subject details
     Creating a remark for each substitution.
     Creating a remark for one day
     Lessons with two teachers or two rooms

  Specifying the substitutions

     What is shown in the top right corner?
     Transfer suggestions
     Manually moving/changing the lesson
     Swapping teachers (A <- B <- C)
     How to change the subject, classroom... if nobody is missing?
     How to split class into two or more groups?
     How can I cancel the lesson
     How can I create new lesson in Substitutions
     How can I remove the substitution?
     Generate the substitutions for one day
     Substitution collisions
     Using points to balance substitution/contract load
     Mandatory substitutions
     Lessons with 2 teachers - how to cancel it for just one teacher.


     Is it possible to customize text: Unfortunatelly the following teachers...
     Some teachers left the school? How can I remove them from substitutions.
     Printing classrooms
     What is "Alternative layout"
     How can I change word "Cancelled"?
     How can I set the width of the lines?
     How can I change the font sizes in aSc Substitutions
     How can I force the program to automatically clip the texts or make the fonts smaller?
     How can I change the width of columns?
     How to modify the columns/sort order?
     Printing summary reports of absences and substitutions
     Is it possible to print in Landscape? Portrait?

  User interface

     How can I switch to different day in aSc Substitutions?
     How to resize the substitution window(version 2010 and before)?


     Basic settings
     Defining substitution criteria
     How to change school year

  Specifying timetable

     How to start a new school year? How to specify a start of the school year?
     Our timetable has changed during the school year. How to tell it to the substitution software?
     Today is Monday but our school decided to use wednesdays timetable
     Change the timetable for specific time only

  Other tasks

     Is it possible to use Substitutions over the network?
     Overtime lessons
     Email and SMS notification
     Email/SMS history
     Supervision substitutions

  What's new

     What's new in aSc Substitutions 2007
     What's new in aSc Substitutions 2008
     What's new in aSc Substitutions 2012

Region specific


     German specific topics
     Baden Württemberg - Schulkartei / E-Stat
     NRW - SchiLD - ASDPC
     Bayern - WinLD
     Hessen - LUSD



     Austrian specific topics
     How to input EH/GZ lessons

  Czech republic


     Canada specific topis


     Import/Export with CASES21


     Our class teachers always have to teach the 1st lesson

  United States

     US specific topics


     Russia specific topics

aSc TimeTables Online

  Main topics

     aSc TimeTables Online - Features
     How can I save my timetable to online storage
     How can I open my timetable from online storage
     How can I send timetable to teachers
     How can teacher/student/parent view the timetable
     How can teacher print his timetable?
     How can I publish the final timetable for students/parents
     How can I publish daily substitutions
     How can teacher view his/her substitutions
     How can I send email/SMS substitution notifications
     How can students/parents view the substitutions
     How can I create my TimeTables online web page?
     How can I add teachers to TimeTables Online database
     How can I modify what public(users without password) can see?
     What can teacher do in TimeTables online?
     How can I input daily plan/absent students/homeworks and notes?
     How can I modify what public (users without password) can see from substitutions?
     How can I publish the timetable directly from Substitutions
     How can I export timetables to Excel or HTML
     How can I customize how is timetable displayed in online timetable viewer?
     Daily plan - Reports
     How can I check, edit student's attendance?
     Week notes for school and individual classes
     Verify timetable
     Timetable states
     How can I add students to TimeTables Online
     When teacher has left the school
     How can I add teachers to EduPage
     How can I create accounts for teachers so that they can login to EduPage
     How can I add classes and students to EduPage
     How can I configure weeks and terms in published timetable


     Your translation
     Mobile version of Online Timetables
     Add timetable to your calendar application (Google calendar, Outlook, iPhone calendar...)

  Electronic class register

     How can I use electronic class register? (teacher)
     How to get started
     School events
     Room booking
     Daily plan - fields
     How to schedule a meeting of teachers